miercuri, 21 octombrie 2015

The Floor Cleaner – a Necessity?

There are two ways to clean the floor so as to preserve the natural appearance for a long time:

Dry cleaning: daily with a microfiber mop or vacuum flat.

Wet cleaning: Using a flat mop and detergent suited to the type of finish flooring (oil, varnish, wax) you have in your home.

Intensive cleaning by dry buffing is done mechanically using a special suction pad and wooden flooring. This cleaning brings certain advantages to the classic multiple scraping such as:

Do not remove the layer of noble wood flooring, it just removes dirt;

It doesn’t release dust;

Intervention is very fast (not interrupt ongoing activities in these spaces);

Keeping long natural appearance;

The ease with which a cleaning process is performed.

These recommendations usually get them from specialized firms in floor cleaning, they will have the knowledge to provide the correct information. Recommended cleaning products and maintenance must be approved by the floor covering manufacturer. Remember that some types of floor cleaner may not be good for your floors, and you will need to keep vacuuming until you find the right products.

If cleaning products used are not adequate, floors may be contaminated, "aging" prematurely and may alter their original properties.

The simplest and most effective methods is to follow the professional cleaning and care. They are less expensive and have been tested for each area (health, industry, education, office)

Clean the floor regularly to prolong the flawless appearance and create a clean, tidy and healthy environment for your family.

In order not to wander the streets looking for the best floor cleaner, I recommend you watch the internet closely. You never know what revolutionary product there may come up. Check CleanFast by FastDeal LTD, and their website, then order by phone (1850 840 111) or by email (cleanfastdublin@yahoo.ie) the products you need. Make sure they are not harmful for your children and pets, in case you have any of these.

miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015

Searching the perfect oven cleaner

Cooking and warming up food in the oven, be it a microwave or a normal one, can present some risks. By far the most tiresome is getting dirty. Because of the heat of the cooking, all the greasy mass that spill over the pot gets stuck on the oven walls.

Because it has also been burnt, it becomes a mass of grease that cannot be removed, whatever you try. Many of us have tried scrapping it, scrub it down or used dozens of detergents that in the end had no effect.

One thing most housewives don’t know is that there are a few products that can be used as oven cleaner. The downside is the products is made out of very powerful chemicals, that can cause allergies and swellings when in contact with skins.

I prefer them, though, because I know I can get the job done. I can have a perfectly clean oven in just over 15 minutes and I cannot be happier to get it dirty again.

Since the products are powerful chemicals, it is obvious that they cannot be found in your local store. They are available on website and at selling companies that provide for cleaning companies. The downside of buying online is that nobody tells you which one is better. However, if you choose to look for providing companies, then you will buy an oven cleaner, but you can also get advice from professionals. They will tell you exactly hou much product to use and how to use it properly.

One such store is Clean Fast by Fastdeal LTd, a providing company. You can find them at Ashleigh House, JFK Rd, Dublin 12, Ireland, or online at www.cleanfast.ie, or give them a call at one of the available numbers: 1850 840 111 (local ) or 0858 366 770.